About Us


Progressive Institute is a training service provider registered and accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority. Our company recognizes that in order to significantly improve the competitive performance of Individuals and organisations, we have to unlock the transformational value within them through globally inspired training. We believe that our clients thrive to improve business processes, operational efficiencies, mitigate risks and drive impovements in core functions such as Human Resources, procurement, sales, marketing and others but require training which will inspire them to transform, challenge the status quo, be brave risk takers and game changers.

The world is not stagnant but dynamic therefore the need to provide training and development solutions will enable clients to develop their business acumen to utilize the enormous opportunities that a dynamic economy presents. Our service will therefore challenge individuals to be smart in thinking and gain a better understanding of the environment in which they operate before developing solutions.


To provide globally inspired training and development interventions for our clients, helping them to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex economy.


To empower people with compelling intelligence by fostering and demanding a spirit of sophisticated intellectual capacity.


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Our clients include organizations in the public and private sector, NGOs and individuals in Botswana and South Africa. No organization is too large or too small for us to add value. Our pride is in sharing in their continued growth and success.


Since its establishment, Progressive Institute has nurtured a vast network of experience international consultants with extensive industry experience who have held executive and management positions. The team incorporates an outstanding academic background with professional strength and maturity when delivering our services.


Progressive Institute is a leading provider of professional development and learning for professionals seeking to enhance their skills, advance in their careers and enrich their understanding of a rapidly changing business world by offering training solutions customized to meet the needs of business.

Our Quality Assured Training courses and seminars not only have the distinction that they have undergone in-depth review and strict scrutinization process by professional governing and certifying bodies but also have direct relevance to the training needs of candidates representing a specialized profession.

These range of courses leads to professionally distinguished continuing education units, 3rd party certificates, qualifications, and recognition of continuing and professional education to support our mission of providing our valued clients of Quality Assured Training:

The Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) is a parastatal organisation under the Ministry of Education and Skills Development It started operating in November 2013 and draws its mandate from the BQA Act No.24 of 2013. Its main objectives are to provide for and maintain a National Credit and Qualifications Framework (NCQF) and to co-ordinate the education, training and skills development quality assurance system
SABPP is a South African Human Resource Professional body and statutory quality and standards body for the people profession. As an internationally recognized profession Human Resources is at the heart of the implementation of the HRD Strategy for South Africa to improve the skills in the country so that people and the economy as a whole produce more and better.


Progressive Institute has entered into a strategic partnership with Anderson-HR Training and COPEX Training in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive portfolio of training courses, seminars, workshops, and consultancy services.

Tb2b Group (South Africa) – specializes in the delivery of training courses, seminars, and workshops that is tailored to the development needs of your workforce and workforce management team. Their training solutions are client centered and their over all business knowledge and the experience of their qualified instructors can improve the productivity, efficiency, communication skills, and employee morale of your organisation. Our training partnership with Anderson-HR ensures that we are able to deliver training programs that meets certain standards to guarantee to our clients will receive high quality training.

Hapang Business Solutions (South Africa) - is a professional training and development services company providing training courses and seminars, in-house training and consultancy services. With their team of experienced professionals in the field of Project Management, Contracts Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, we are able to benchmark training programs in our portfolio to ensure that it brings world-class performance to your organisation.

Mapalo Management Services (South Africa) - Mapalo Management Services is a Level 1 B-BBEE private company registered in terms of the South African Companies Act number 71 of 2008 which focuses focus on providing a range of innovative management services to a local, regional and national clientele. It also offers custom-made training programmes to companies and organisations in government and the private sector.